A New Level of Co-Op Membership: Re-Emerge 2021

Deepen your collective commitment, growth and impact. Membership includes:

  • Quarterly 3-hour retreats to reflect on what is/isn't working and create a 90-day plan

  • Unlimited participation in any reciprocal peer coaching rounds that begin in 2021

  • Free participation in up to three rounds of Slow Networking ($9.99 each)

  • 30% group programs, including the reflective leadership practice group ($830 regular/$498 Re-Emerge Members), and the Career Transition Accelerator ($1200 regular/$720 Re-Emerge Members)

  • Shared reflective journaling to keep track of your own and each other's progress on your 90 day plans

Winter Retreat

January 25th, 7am - 10:50 EST/ 12pm - 3:50 GMT

Sorting Through, Reconnecting with Self, Re-evaluating, Preparing to Re-emerge
Winter Retreat

Spring Retreat

April 9th, 7am - 10:50 EST/ 12pm - 3:50 GMT

Getting Ready, Open-Ended Exploration, Curiosity, Embodying our Strengths, Spotting Opportuniteis to Emerge and Leap!
spring retreat image

Summer Retreat

July 12th, 7am - 10:50 EST/ 12pm - 3:50 GMT

High energy: Connecting with Heart and From Our Strengths, Relationships, Community, Rippling Impact
summer retreat image

Autumn Retreat

October 11th, 7am - 10:50 EST/ 12pm - 3:50 GMT

Reflect, evaluate, sort, refine.
autumn leaves