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How Does It Work?

Slow networking is a manageable, simple commitment that can lead to new opportunities and lasting professional relationships. You will get to meet two womxn whom you select, and up to two who select you.

  • Step 1: Submit your profile by May 9th.

  • Step 2: Review profiles submitted by other members.

  • Step 3: Submit preferences for whom you'd like to meet.

  • Step 4. Receive your matches. These will be two of your preferences and up to two people who requested you. (Up to four people in total)

  • Step 5: Schedule one conversation with each of your matches to take place between May - July 2021

  • Step 6: Have a 45 minute conversations with with each of these inspiring, talented, mission-driven women!one

Get to Know Others in The Co-Op

Deepen Connections - Emerge Together

We offer this opportunity for structured networking within the Co-Op Membership. We hope that this will support you whether you are facing career/life uncertainty or simply if you wish to get to know more people and expand your network. Have a series of meaningful conversations and see where the adventure leads. We hope you will all be generous with your advice, connections, idea generation and your listening.