Agreement with Conspire Coaching for Conspiring Women Coaching Co-Op Peer Coaching Programs

● I understand that this is a peer-coaching program; that I will not receive coaching by a professionally trained coach.

● I understand that though Conspire Coaching took measures to screen and vet participants, cannot guarantee total satisfaction with the peer-coaching experience.

● I understand that if there is difficulty in either my relationship(s) with my peer coach or peer coachee, that Conspire Coaching will provide support and resources as needed to the pair(s).

● I understand that if my peer coach does not show up for my sessions with me, Conspire Coaching will make every effort to rematch me or provide credit for participation in a future round of coaching.

● I understand that if I do not complete the required actions laid out in the program, I will not be permitted to participate in future rounds of peer-coaching. The online platform and the feedback are two ways in which Conspire is building accountability and transparency in the coaching co-op. The required program elements are:

Agreement with your peer Coach

● I agree to show up to each session on time and ready to go using whatever method has been agreed (Skype, phone, etc.) (We encourage video sessions if possible.)

● When in the role of “COACHEE” I understand that it is my job to come to the session with an idea of what I’d like to gain from it. I also understand that Conspire Coaching will provide continued guidance on how to come up with a coaching topic for each session.

● I agree to email my coach at least 24 hours in advance to let her know what I’d like to take away. I understand that knowing what I want to get out of each session will make a big difference.

● When you’re being coached, be empowered to ask your peer coach to share her wisdom and experience OR to refrain from doing so and to simply ask questions.

Agreement with your Coachee

● I agree to show up for my coachee as scheduled, on time, using the method that we agree upon. I will take seriously her desire to stretch, grow and change and make every attempt to keep appointments.

● I will start each conversation by asking, “What would you like to take-away from our conversation today?”

● I agree to try out coaching practices and questions that are provided to me AND agree not to put pressure on myself to be a trained coach.

● I agree to mainly ask questions that create a space for my coachee’s own explorations and insights rather than telling; and yet, as this is peer coaching, I understand that more self-disclosure and telling are perfectly acceptable.

● I agree to just be curious, trust my intuition and ask open ended questions to help my coachee tap into her own insights. I will make every effort to open up and share my experiences, feelings and intuition as appropriate. I will ask my coachee if she’d like to hear the above, or if she’d prefer that I stick to questions.

● Always ask your co-conspirator, “what did you take away from our conversation today?”or “What is the most important thing you’ve taken from our session today? at the end of her peer-coaching session to solidify the learning.

I have carefully reviewed all of the above and understand and agree to this agreement. I also understand that I can contact Jen Walper Roberts of Conspire Coaching ( [email protected] ) if I am in need of support at any point throughout the program.