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Start Here to Join the Conspiring Women Coaching Co-Op; After Being Accepted You Can Join In on Any Upcoming Round of Peer-Coaching

The Conspiring Women Coaching Co-op is a co-coaching space for mission-driven women. It's a simple model:

  • The Co-op is a platform that enables the exchange of coaching support among people with similar levels of experience. The basic structure is as follows:
    • Step 1: You apply to join the Co-op. There is a one-time $19 registration fee to help cover our costs with vetting your application. You will not need to pay this co-op joining fee when you participate in future rounds.
    • Step 2: Once vetted and accepted, you enroll in a coaching round that suits your goals and availability. We provide two models of peer coaching.
      • Reciprocal peer coachingIn this model, you are matched with one COACH and one COACHEE.  This means you have the full attention of the person who is coaching you without having to manage the give-get balance within that relationship. It's more of a pure coaching experience. And, you have the opportunity to be fully in the coach role with when you are working with your coachee. We believe this is the best model for developing coaching skills in everyone and for a really deep way of providing a space for women to support women. Typically a "round" of reciprocal peer coaching lasts four months from the time you enroll to the time you complete your last sessions. Within this time you coach six sessions and are coached for six sessions. Participating in reciprocal peer-coaching is an ideal way to incorporate coaching as a practice and mindset in your life in a sustainable, affordable, on-going way. It's ideal for people who appreciate stepping back regularly to reflect and ask, "what's the most important thing for me to explore / understand/ make progress on today?" Each round is $49
      • Themed Peer Coaching - This peer coaching model provides a theme and some reflection materials to help create a powerful container for coaching. The first of these themed rounds of peer-coaching titled, "Women: Owning Your Power at Work"is now open for enrollment . This peer coaching experience guides you through a set of reflection exercises on a theme, and then, in your peer-coaching you have a structure for deepening that reflection. Each partner gets 20 minutes of coaching on any coaching topics that emerges from doing the pre-work.  In themed peer coaching, you are matched with just one person and you take turns being coached and being coached. These are ideal for people who are drawn to the topic and who appreciate more structure. Each round is $75, slightly more than the first model as we bring in subject matter experts as "mentors" to help design the experience and support participants. 
    • The fee  per round supports the cost of the managing the profiles, matching process, providing the Thinkific infrastructure, and providing ongoing coaching tips, guidance and support to participants.  
    • Step 3: You create a profile and others in your round will be able to request you as a coach.
    • Step 4: You view others' profiles and request at least 5 people who you would like to coach you. We try our hardest to match you with one of these three people.
    • Step 5: Matching
      • For reciprocal peer coaching, you are matched with one woman to coach and a different woman to coach you. This means you won't muddy your experience of being coached by needing to coach the same person. This is a big change from past Conspire coaching programs. 
      • For themed peer coaching, you are matched with one person and you take turns in each role.
    • Step 6: You attend a live webinar to prepare you to coach and be coached (or watch the recording)
    • Step 7: You connect with each other to determine your meeting times (these need to happen within a time-frame, but you choose exactly when). 
    • Step 8: You are guided through a process to complete a self-guided training to be a coach and coachee, establish your coaching relationship and get coaching/get coached!
    • Step 9: At the end of the coaching round, you will provide feedback on your experience with your coach. This feedback will be included in their profiles (and feedback on you will be included on your profile). This will build a culture of accountability and transparency. You will not be allowed to participate in future rounds unless you have left the required feedback.
  • Do you have questions? Please be in contact with us! 

    If you wish to apply to join the Co-Op, please complete the remaining steps listed on the left-hand side of your screen. Thank you!

Are you someone who would value this community?

You believe that women-supporting women spaces are critical and world-changing. You cherish the chance to reflect on how you are working, living and leading. You want that feedback. You find yourself buzzing when you gain a new insight into who you are and how you operate. You care deeply about your impact on  people, organizations, community and the world. You get that each day offers a new set of choices and opportunity to live and lead with intention. You've been coached, mentored, supported and you value living with a coaching mindset. If you're not growing, learning, stretching, you're not living.  You want to live a life that matters. You value being coached. You value coaching others who share these values.

Jen Walper Roberts
Jen Walper Roberts
Leadership & Transition Coach

About the instructor

Jen is the founder of Conspire Coaching.  With a background in nonprofit leadership leadership, diversity and inclusion and nonprofit management consulting,

Jen founded Conspire in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of mission-driven women to succeed, lead and thrive in their careers, lives and organizations. Jen is the founder of the Women Leaders Emerging career and leadership coaching program. She currently works with female-identified leaders in North America, the UK and Europe through her private practice. Jen also coaches social work team leaders through the Firstline Programme and educational leaders in affiliation with GatenbySanderson. 

Jen hopes that through the  Conspiring Women Co-Op, women/ female-identified people will have access to affordable and rich coaching experiences. Jen's belief is that coaching is a radical, mindful practice that nurtures humans to transform their leadership and their lives, and ultimately be forces for connection, one-ness and healing in the world.



Are you ready to try living and leading with a coaching mindset? Are you ready to be part of a community of women who are committed to each other's thriving and impact? 

Join the Conspiring Women Coaching Co-Op

We encourage you to be in touch with any unanswered questions via email or book in some time for a chat.