What is included with each round of reciprocal peer coaching?

Each round of reciprocal peer coaching includes six coaching sessions that you get, and six coaching sessions that you give.

  • A one-hour training to prepare you to coach and be coached

  • Six one-hour coaching sessions to support your career, life and leadership

  • Six sessions in which you provide coaching support to your coachee

  • A rich library of resources and worksheets to support you in your roles as coach and coachee

  • Up to two pay-as-you-are-able coaching sessions with a professional coach

Would you like to know more?

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Put simply, the Conspiring Women Peer Coaching Co-Op connects women around the world through deeply supportive peer coaching conversations.

We believe that coaching is an essential practice for anyone who wishes to live her life with purpose, to make a difference, and to thrive personally and that it should be widely accessible to leaders at every level.

We understand that so many women leaders possess natural coaching skills and enjoy developing these valuable skills.

And so, we match each member with one coach and one coachee.

As a result, over six months, you get a monthly reflective space totally focused on you and what you’re up to. And, each month you get to provide this kind of space for your coachee.

We believe that resilience, purposeful leadership and sustainable organizations and movements rely on a foundation of collective support. This Co-Op is an opportunity to live into a sustainable world grounded in sisterhood.