"> Conspiring Women Co-Op: Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round IV (April - Aug)

Conspiring Women Co-Op

Reciprocal Coaching Round Four- April - August 2019

The Conspiring Women Coaching Co-op is an affordable, high-quality, professionally supervised, reciprocal peer coaching space for mission-driven women. It provides an on-going space for reflective leadership practice and mindful living. Please see our FAQs. 

It's a simple model:

  • You apply to join the Co-op ($18 one-time registration fee).  
  • After paying,  click on "Joining the Conspiring Women Coop" on the left to  answer a few questions to complete the application.
  • Once accepted, you are invited to enroll in a round of coaching (12 sessions total within 4 months;  This includes 6 sessions for you to be coached and 6 sessions for you to coach someone else). 
  • Each round costs $49 to cover our admin costs of operating the platform, matching, monitoring, etc). We will roll out 3 rounds per year so you'll have access to ongoing coaching year-round.
  • You complete a profile that will be used for matching you with your coachee.
  • You select at least 3 coaches based on their profiles who you'd like to coach you. (Note, these are peers, not trained coaches)
  • You are matched!
  • You connect with your coach and coachee (two separate people)  and follow a guided process to kick off your work together! We will monitor your progress and offer support.
  • At the end, all parties provide feedback on coach and coachee. This will create a system of accountability and transparency that will deepen with each round.

Course Curriculum

To secure your participation in the round, review and sign this agreement and then proceed to make payment and follow the "Getting Started" steps.

I'm ready to coach and be coached!
Jen Walper Roberts
Jen Walper Roberts
Leadership & Transition Coach

About the Founder

Jen is the founder of Conspire Coaching.  With a background in nonprofit leadership leadership, diversity and inclusion and nonprofit management consulting,

Jen founded Conspire in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of mission-driven women to succeed, lead and thrive in their careers, lives and organizations. Jen is the founder of the Women Leaders Emerging career and leadership coaching program. She currently works with female-identified leaders in North America, the UK and Europe through her private practice. Jen also coaches social work team leaders through the Firstline Programme and educational leaders in affiliation with GatenbySanderson. 

Jen hopes that through the  Conspiring Women Co-Op, women/ female-identified people will have access to affordable and rich coaching experiences. Jen's belief is that coaching is a radical, mindful practice that nurtures humans to transform their leadership and their lives, and ultimately be forces for connection, one-ness and healing in the world.