"> Women: Owning Your Power at Work

We're thrilled to pilot our first themed peer coaching experience, Women*:  Own Your Power at Work with course mentor, Lilach Shafir. 

In this course you will work together with a peer coach. The four aims of the course are:

1. To provide a deeply reflective space for you to explore themes related to your power, as a woman* at work.

2. To provide an opportunity for you to practice ways you can assert your power as a woman in the workplace.

3. To create a structured, meaningful on-going space where you can take part in women-supporting-women peer coaching. Creating this space is a core value of Conspire Coaching and we view coaching as a critical, on-going practice.

4. For you  to grow in your coaching skills and coachability. 

**All conspire coaching programs use the words like "woman/women/feminism/feminist" in the most inclusive way possible. We see "women" as a diverse group of humans who, share many (though not all) experiences in their lived-experiences in a patriarchal society. We trust our members to honor a feminist space that is intersectional and offers radical belonging and support. As a policy, we ask participants for their preferred pronouns that they would prefer.  At the same time, for now, we acknowledge that many of our course materials are written using she/her language. This is something we are seeking feedback on as we purposefully expand our concept of being a safe and mutually supportive space for women in the most inclusive sense possible.

Topics, Flow and Dates

Lilach Shafir
Lilach Shafir
Course Mentor

Course Mentor

Lilach has over 15 years of experience as an international facilitator, manager and educator. She thinks deeply and consistently about the role of women in the workplace, how to best assert her power as a woman, while also lifting up women around her. She works at American Jewish world Service (AJWS), a leading international human rights organizations where she connects grasstops U.S. based leaders with opportunities for advocacy, as it relates to and impacts marginalized groups in the developing world. Outside of work, she has conducted leadership trainings and facilitation with a multitude of international NGOs and social justice organizations, including CARE International, The Shalom Hartman Institute and The Conversation. 

While currently based in New York, Lilach has spent more than five years living overseas, including three consecutive years in East Timor, as a leadership trainer in the (then) world’s youngest democracy. She also spent one year in Israel as a Dorot fellow. Lilach has led groups of North Americans on international travel programs in more than ten countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa with AJWS, National Geographic and Putney Travel. Lilach holds a master’s in international education from Stanford and a bachelor’s in international studies and Latin America. Lilach is an advanced speaker of Spanish, Portuguese, Tetun and Hebrew.


Jen Walper Roberts
Jen Walper Roberts
Leadership & Transition Coach

Peer-Coaching Supervisor

Jen is the founder of Conspire Coaching.  With a background in nonprofit leadership leadership, diversity and inclusion and nonprofit management consulting,

Jen founded Conspire in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of mission-driven women to succeed, lead and thrive in their careers, lives and organizations. Jen is the founder of the Women Leaders Emerging career and leadership coaching program. She currently works with female-identified leaders in North America, the UK and Europe through her private practice. Jen also coaches social work team leaders through the Firstline Programme and educational leaders in affiliation with GatenbySanderson. 

Jen hopes that through the  Conspiring Women Co-Op, women/ female-identified people will have access to affordable and rich coaching experiences. Jen's belief is that coaching is a radical, mindful practice that nurtures humans to transform their leadership and their lives, and ultimately be forces for connection, one-ness and healing in the world.



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