"> 2020 Year of Connectedness

2020 Year of Connectedness

Generate Connectedness. Be Unstoppable Together.

The Importance of Being Deeply Connected

Joining the 2020 Year of Connectedness

A Community Building Track of the Conspiring Women Peer Coaching Co-Op

My intention for the Conspiring Women Peer Coaching Co-Op is to cultivate a deeply inter-connected community of women who understand the importance of 2020, and the urgent need to maintain hope, energy and momentum.  

I've noticed that many of you  have experienced despair, fatigue, deep anger, resignation, etc. I've done a lot of work sitting with this, listening a lot, and honing in on what Conspire can bring to the situation.

And I've come back to my mission. 

My mission is to cause inter-connectedness and reveal oneness. It always has been, but I've not alway fully embraced this. I invite women who want to surround themselves with connection-seekers. Who wish to transform anger, triggers, fight, anxiety into being fully present, listening, transforming -- world-changing. There is much to be done and I believe that women like us hold the keys to cultivating a more peaceful, collaborative, connected, unified society.

The theme for the 2020 Co-Op Journey is Connectedness. Those who choose join this sub-group of the Co-Op will choose to stay deeply connected with one another. 

 You will also be asked to set and  share intentions, 

 monthly goals and 

 weekly goals. 

We will have community mentors checking in and following up, keeping you on task.

We will co-create workshops and learning from each other.

We will give-get mentoring.

We will go live with each other on Zoom  monthly.

We will elevate your work through holding a space for member-led sessions.

We will notice when people disappear and retreat and invite them, with curiousity and love, to come back into connection with us. Because we can't afford for anyone to to disappear. Your talents and energy are vital.

You can opt to join into rounds of reciprocal peer coaching or simply get matched with an accountability partner. You will view each others' profiles and know what your each willing to give/get from each other.

This group will keep you energetically and actively connected, supported, accountable. We will pull each other out of moments of despair and live powerfully and with commitment to our shared values.

We will be unstoppable.



  • Welcome from Jen to the 2020 Year of Connectedness
  • Calendar & Structure
  • Join the Private Facebook Group
  • Share your 2020 Intention
  • Mentoring & Community Support Profile
  • Would you like to participate in Reciprocal Peer Coaching Round Seven?



  • Introduction to Setting Monthly Goals
  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • February's Member Meeting Recording
  • Celebrate!


  • March Focus & Announcements
  • New Goal-Setting Guidance for March
  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Introduction to Mentoring Profiles
  • Mentoring Profiles (To be Updated Monthly)
  • Celebrate!



  • How We Are Connecting In April- Female Power Types & Climate Emergency
  • Set Your Goal for April
  • Share Your Goal for the April
  • One of Many Power Types Presentation
  • Caroline Doran's One of Many Powertypes Worshop
  • Earth Day Coversation, hosted by Joanna, Recording
  • Celebrate Your April Goal



  • How we are Connecting in May
  • Set Your Goal for May
  • Share Your Goal for May
  • Sam's Conversation - Staying Healthily Connected - What News/Media do we consume?
  • Celebrate & Reflect Your May Goal


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!
  • How We Are Connecting in June- Member Meeting & Balancing Passion with the Purse


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!


  • Set Your Goal for the Month
  • Share Your Goal for the Month
  • Celebrate!

About Your Instructor

Jen Walper Roberts

Jen Walper Roberts

Leadership & Transition Coach

Jen is the founder of Conspire Coaching.  With a background in nonprofit leadership leadership, diversity and inclusion and nonprofit management consulting,

Jen founded Conspire in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of mission-driven women to succeed, lead and thrive in their careers, lives and organizations. Jen is the founder of the Women Leaders Emerging career and leadership coaching program. She currently works with female-identified leaders in North America, the UK and Europe through her private practice. Jen also coaches social work team leaders through the Firstline Programme and educational leaders in affiliation with GatenbySanderson. 

Jen hopes that through the  Conspiring Women Co-Op, women/ female-identified people will have access to affordable and rich coaching experiences. Jen's belief is that coaching is a radical, mindful practice that nurtures humans to transform their leadership and their lives, and ultimately be forces for connection, one-ness and healing in the world.



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Two Free Reciprocal Peer Coaching Rounds

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$49 Per Round, Minimum 2 Rounds Per Year
Each round includes six sessions in which you are a coach, and six sessions in which you get coached.

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